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Burial Sites

United Church Cemetery

United Church Cemetery

Located on the right hand side of Herder Street.  

GPS Coordinates:
048  05'.236 N
052  59'.777 W

Gospel Hall Graveyard

Gospel Hall Cemetery

Located on the right hand side of Blow-Me-Down Drive as you enter Old Perlican.

GPS Coordinates:
048  04'.470 N
052  59'.943 W

Old Methodist Cemetery

Old Methodist Cemetery

Located between Blow-Me-Down Drive and Forge Hill by the Municipal Building. Also referred to as the Forge Hill Cemetery.

GPS Coordinates:
048  04'.850 N
053  00'.350 W

[View Cemetery Inscriptions]

Old Roman Catholic Cemetery

Grave Marker

Located on the South side of Circular Avenue.

GPS Coordinates:
048  05'.398 N
053  00'.236 W

Lost Sailors Gravesite

Located on the water side of Main Street at the bottom of Burn Cove Hill, overlooking the harbour and Old Perlican Island.

Reported to have been the site of three graves of people who died at sea.

GPS Coordinates:
048  04'.801 N
053  00'.818 W

Silas Gravesite

The Silas Gravesite is located in a small enbankment on the South side of Main Street.

Nathaniel Silas died 16 Nov 1741. Member of Christ Church, Hampshire, England.

GPS Coordinates:
048  04'.855 N
053  00'.539 W

Collins Gravesite

Located just South of  the Old Roman Catholic Cemetery off Circular Avenue.

GPS Coordinates:
048  05'.388 N
053  00'.231 W

Lenenton Gravesite

Lenonton Headstone

The Lenenton Gravesite was located on the West side of Marine Drive, opposite yet backwards from the general vacinity of the current Post Office. 

GPS Coordinates:
048  04'.948 N
053  00'.400 W

The surviving headstone, now in storage, has the following inscription.

"Here lyeth the bodys of the
                                        sons of Thomas Lenenton an
                                        Mary his wife who departed this
                                        life in the year of our Lord 1739."

                                       "God made his babies for his own choys(?)
                                        and when his will and pleaser his bodys
                                        returns to dust with Christ on high
                                        with everlasting bleffs(?)

Becket Gravesite

Mary Becket Headstone

The Becket Gravesite is located in a garden, owned by Alex Beckett, on the South side of Circular Avenue just off Main Street.

GPS Coordinates:
048  05'.364 N
053  00'.275 W

The inscription on the one remaining headstone reads:

"Here lieth the body of Mary Becket
Daughter of Tho's &
                                       Elizth Becket 
                                       Who departed this life
                                       the 25th of Dec.1781 
                                       Aged 11 Months

                                       "To the dark and silent tomb
                                        Soon I Hastened from the womb
                                         Ear the dawn of life began
                                         But time fond out my span
                                        Joyles sojourned was I
                                         Only born to weep and die."

John Parot Gravesite

John Parot Headstone - 1714

John Parot’s Grave Municipal Heritage Site is an 18th century gravesite located within a fenced area in a field at 478 Main Street, off the water side of the street, in the east end of the Town of Old Perlican, NL. The designation includes the land area containing the grave as delineated by the fence.

John Parot’s Grave has been designated a municipal heritage site by the Town of Old Perlican due to its historic value. John Parot’s headstone indicates that he died in 1714 at the age of 60. It reads: “Here Lieth in Hope of a Glorius Resurrection the Body of John Parot Who Departed This Life 29 May Anno Dom 1714 Age 60 Years, Who'ere thou art with tender heart, Come read and think of me. As you are now, so once was I, As I am now, Thou soon shalt be.”

Headstones such as this would most likely have been made in England and shipped to Newfoundland. This would not have been an easy task and is an indication of the status of the person being remembered on the stone. In 2005 John Parot’s original weathered sandstone gravemarker - one of the oldest extant gravemarkers in the province - was removed from the gravesite and stored, pending conservation work.

GPS Coordinates: 
048  05'.309 N
053  00'.259 W

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